Meet the TCS Digital Marketing team

We are one of the most respected Digital Marketing agencies online today. We have recruited a team of experts who together are able to deliver all your digital marketing needs. From local businesses to national, multi-location business we are able to create strategies and execute marketing plans to deliver results.

What we do and how we do it

We research and work with our clients to understand their needs, the audience and ultimately, which channels are going to deliver the best results and give the best Return On Investment. It’s really about laser targeted marketing rather than mass coverage. We have 2 major goals: to lower the cost of advertising and to maximize the return on investment, and over a period of time, our goal is to find the balance between the two.

To achieve our goals we utilize our collective expertise and harness cutting edge and the latest tools, together with industry best practices.

As part of our expertise, we have teams in place to deal with Search Engine Optimization on a local and national scale, and a reputation management team that help clients to dilute negative reviews and negative search results some of the latest strategies.


Why Choose Us

Being a major player in the digital marketing industry for the past decade, we have the experience and expertise in place to help businesses of all sizes and needs. We really appreciate that the online world is always changing and we work very hard to stay ahead of the game to be first to market and pass our client the advantages that come with being first.

We treat each client as unique, regardless of whether it's digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web design or reputation management. As far as we are concerned each client has custom needs and require individual solutions to meet those needs.

Most importantly, our reputation has been built on trust. We have made it a habit of delivering on the promises we make so our clients grow to trust us. Our client retention rate is one of the highest in the industry thanks to this.

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