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Bill Gates once famously coined the term “content is king” and it’s still true to this day.  Customers are hungry, ravenous even, for good, fresh content.  Having a social media account without content is like going to your favorite coffee place to hang out, but without the coffee.  Why would anyone do that?  If you have solid content they want, they will engage.  They’ll return… Often- even daily!  They’ll ‘like’ your stuff, which drives even more traffic to your site.  

Facebook alone has over 1.11 billion users.  With Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others, no content means you’re missing the boat.  The first thing you need to do is determine exactly the kind of content you want to create.  Are you promoting a new product?  Showing your knowledge in your field? What do you bring to the table? Whatever it is, people will buy it left and right if you have what they came for.  

Here’s a big question: do you listen to your customers?  Do you really listen to them?  Social media and other content sharing avenues exists not just as a platform to share ‘likes’ and post pictures of cats.  If you’re in business and customers are your bread and butter, social networking offers you bold new opportunities no other company has ever had in the past.  Now you can build actual relationships with your customers.  

You need to consider building a system where you can collect testimonials, success stories, and even failures.  You’re not a complete entity unless you can take criticism and learn from your failures.  If you can take what you get right and work on perfecting it, you’ll rise to the top.  Collect any and all feedback and apply it earnestly.  Not to mention, when you already have a winning product, having a set of testimonials you can turn to speaks volumes for potential customers.

Data collection is the key.  You can never have too much information about your leads.  Take the time to get to know them over time, and create real genuine relationships.  Your social media accounts allow you to open polls, ask questions, and get all the necessary goodies you need to target your advertising to their specific needs and wants.  The actual follow-up can simply be anything from a handwritten letter, phone call, or email marketing.  

Rather than taking a negative review as personal, getting frustrated, and even waving off the person who gave the bad review, think of it as a data win.  Now you know what doesn’t work for at least one person.  Are there others who might share a similar view?  That’s the idea behind collecting data and using it to refine what you do.

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