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Welcome to my first Friday Five blog post for the week of 6/28. My idea behind this series is to find the best articles of the week for you about SEO, Web Design and Technology. These can be educational or just plain fun but I hope you get something out of them either for the Do It Yourself type or help educate you on the topics to make an informed decision for your business when looking for SEO or web design work.


5 Google Analytics features for Business Owners
Every website owner wants to know how their website is performing and this is a great article that talks about 5 features you should be checking in your Google Analytics.

5 Tips for a Better Email Signature
All the time I get emails with signatures that are huge or contain images that always end up breaking which drive me crazy and really not god to do at all. Social Media Today created a great infographic on what most professionals include in their signature.

10 Quick Tips for Better Status Updates
Social Media is getting more important in marketing your website and there is talk about how interactions with your updates affects search engine rankings. Here are some quick tips on improving those interactions with them.

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO has been around for awhile but it is more important than ever. If you are not sure what it is make sure to read this blog post as it explains it very well.

Getting Started With Bing Places: A Step-by-Step Guide
Off the heals of my previous link we stick with the local topic. So you have and idea what is local SEO and you have your Google Business listing updated but don’t stop there make sure you have your Bling Places Business claimed and stay one step a head of your competition by following this guide.

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