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You need to get in front of your ideal customer at least seven times to make a sale.

That means advertising is the only way to go! Specifically, opting for methods that incorporate great search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search ads, display banner ads, and retargeting will pack the biggest punch.

While they all work great on their own, when you combine them then you’ll easily notice the difference.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It seems like everyone is trying to get their hands into the SEO game. We’d know since we are a 5-star business in this department! Check us out here.

Simply put, SEO is a way to get your website on Google’s “This website rocks!” list. When the search engine covers its 200+ signals to rank your website, you pass the grade with flying colors and are recommended more frequently

Some of these 200 signals include the following:

  1. Relevancy – Your website is relevant to the keywords.
  2. Authority – You’re an expert in your business.
  3. Trust – Google trusts your website.
  4. Content – You have the right content, in the right quantity on the right pages.
  5. Call To Action – Your website will convert visitors into sales.

Even though it sounds simple, SEO is a massive strategy session that teeters on keeping your ducks in a row. If you want to up your game and bring more people to your website, then seeking an expert is your best bet to come out shining.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) / Search Ads

Do you recall seeing a little box with the word “Ad” in it next to the first couple Google results?

Those are PPC ads, and the business they connect to will only pay an advertising fee once you click on their ad. This is a great investment, because even as your SEO brings your website into a higher ranking, 75% of users may never go past the first page of the search result. So in the meantime, PPC is where you’ll find more value.

The most popular PPC platform is AdWords which runs through Google, and to play the PPC game you decide on your bid amount, or what you’re willing to pay, for the various keywords you’d like to rank for. Then of course, you pay the price you’ve quoted when your ad is clicked. If your ad does really well, your price may actually go down!

Similar to SEO, PPC ads have factors that are considered which are called the Ad Rank and rely heavily on the two following pieces:

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC) or the amount you’ve bid for each click
  2. Quality Score which relates to the relevance of the keywords, the landing page, and the click-through rate

We list the additional factors that are considered here to create a great PPC ad, but it’s safe to assume that there are multiple pieces that all work together. The biggest of these is the keyword research, because the keywords you use need to lead to the highest return value possible. With proper research, then it will feel like smooth sailing.

Display Advertising

It turns out that running ads through AdWords is beneficial in two ways. The first is via PPC above, and the second is via display advertising. These include having your ads pop up in various locations such as on a website banner and in text, email, and mobile apps.

The reason this is a great option is because you never know when someone is paying attention and when they’re becoming jaded. A potential customer might ignore your ad in one place and pay attention in another, so staying open to all your options on where to target people is a smart plan for your advertising.


This is where it all comes together!

You can have amazing SEO on your website to draw in a big audience, but if a potential customer leaves and never comes back then it will feel like a waste. You can also have amazing ads in place, but if your potential customers only see your ad once and then move on, then you’ll wonder why nothing is working.

Retargeting is where the magic happens. When a visitor goes to your website, either through paid or organic methods, then their computer will be given an HTTP cookie of data that is stored on their computer. Once you engage your retargeting, then you can follow your website visitors and deliver your ads to them all across the internet. That’s why you may see ads for websites you’ve recently visited, and that how you’ll end up in front of your potential customers at least seven times which creates the sale.

If you’re ready to play the SEO => PPC => Display Ads => Retargeting game, then get in contact. This is a game you can’t afford to miss!

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