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I am a new small chiropractic business and have had some bad experiences with SEO and online marketing with other companies prior to trying Neil and TCS. After starting to work with TCS Digital Marketing, I wonder why I took so long to work with them before. They have worked with me and my schedule and budget, as well as being honest with me every step of the way. I have been recommended options along the way, but I also have not been suggested spending money on things that may not be the best for my particular business. Overall, Neil works with you as an individual and is honestly trying to help you succeed with your online presence.
Darin Haworth
Darin Haworth
17:57 05 Jul 17
I used Neil for a website redesign and he helped me migrate a second site to SSL. He was responsive, knowledgeable, and provided a great design for site that needed updating.I will definitely use TCS Digital Marketing again.
Raymer Malone
Raymer Malone
00:21 11 Aug 17
I hired Neil to rebuild my website in a Wordpress format late last year. The project seemed simple initially, but as we got into it, we both realized that there were many unanticipated changes needed. Neil worked with me for months, fine tuning, and re-working things until I was completely satisfied with the end product. My website is stunning and I am very happy with its functionality as well. Neil always makes me and my business feel like a priority, even when he's got a million other projects going on. He delivers a high quality product, provides fantastic customer service, and I would highly recommend TCS for that reason.
Lindsay Townsend
Lindsay Townsend
15:17 28 Jun 16
I've been working with Tahoe Creative Solutions for 3 years. Neil designed my website and he is great to work with ! He is very professional and responsive and explains everything in detail. He makes everything so easy. I'm very happy with his work and would highly recommend TCS.
Aleks Sever
Aleks Sever
17:23 28 Sep 15
I have known Neil since 2002. We have worked together on countless projects. There are not many people I would say this about, but Neil probably one of the most experienced SEO experts I know. We have worked together on projects, during which he has ranked websites in the top 5 listings within 6 months. His approach is very structured and extremely transparent. Be prepared to work very closely with him. His methodology requires client input every month. Ready to get to the top? Give him a call.
Stephan Boehringer
Stephan Boehringer
20:52 30 Jan 15
We love our new website. It is easy to navigate, looks great and is user-friendly for me to update. Neil at Tahoe Creative Solutions solved problems with the software behind the speed test page as well - which we didn't expect. The Tahoe Prosperity Center is happy to recommend Tahoe Creative Solutions!
Tahoe Prosperity Center
Tahoe Prosperity Center
17:26 23 May 15

If your website is not at the top of Google’s search results, you are losing money. Most internet users go to search engines like Google to find products and services they are interested in buying. Very simply, if they don’t find your business website in their search then they are very unlikely to buy from you, which means you are giving customers to your competition, the owners of the websites they do find on their search.

90% of searchers generally tend to select a website that’s on page one of Google’s search results. To get your business in front of those potential customers you really have to make sure you are on page 1.

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If most people use Google to search for your service or products, and 90% of searchers choose a website on page 1 of Google’s search results. It stands to reason that the company you choose to deliver your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is likely to be one of the most important business decisions you make this year.

At TCS we are one of the most respected Digital Marketing companies online today. We’ve built our reputations on our ability to deliver results consistently. We have built client loyalty to the extent we can be selective when we decide to accept new clients.


Google has an algorithm that assesses each website using roughly 200 signals, to decide where a website gets ranked. The problem is, they don’t directly tell anyone what those signals are however as SEO experts we’ve conducted extensive research to be in a position to understand what Google wants to see in a website, and we provide Google those signals as well as making your website user-friendly.

  • Relevancy: You need to show Google what your website is about
  • Authority: Show you are experts and the type of business that offer value
  • Trust: Ensure Google trusts your website
  • Content: Have the right content, in the right quantity on the right pages
  • Call To Action: Ensure your website also converts visitors into sales


There is no one answer to SEO because every client has different needs. But the process remains the same. We have put in place a process that identifies the needs of our clients, plans a strategy to meet those needs, executes that strategy according to a pre-agreed schedule, and has tools in place to effectively measure the whole process to ensure our clients can be sure the SEO is achieving the targets that have been set.

Step 1: Analysis

We need to look at your website from a technical perspective, as well from a structure and content view. We also need to see how it’s positioned, why and most importantly, who your competitors are and what websites they have.

Step 2: Strategize

There are many different forms of SEO and each is better suited to different needs. We might use one strategy for a website that sells a high-value product or service, whereas another option might be better for a lower priced product or service. We need to create the right strategy for your needs.

Step3: Measure

We use tools to measure changes in positions and performance of your website so you are able to assess the value of our service. We do not hold our clients to fixed contracts so it’s essential we can both deliver and have a system where we can show clear evidence of results.

Step 4: Execute

We created a schedule for each component of the strategy and we work diligently to complete the plan whilst reacting and adjusting to Google and their algorithm changes when they occur.


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