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Every business owner wants to be found.

It’s the reason why many companies would add “A’s” before their name back in the day so when potential customers looked up companies in the directory, they would see their name first under the listing category.

Companies have used these and many other tricks to keep them in front of potential customers for many years. Today, instead of picking up a phone book, most consumers bring their searches to Google or other search engines. The problem is, being noticed online is a little bit more complicated than being alphabetically first in the phone book.

To be seen on search engines like Google, companies must be proactive with their marketing and develop a presence on the web that gets them found.

When a potential customer goes online to search for services you provide, many things can keep your business buried under a sea of competitors and unrelated sites. These can include keeping critical information current and using a variety of tools available to business owners through search engines, like Google.

These tools help everyday businesses reach more customers than they ever could before. Even better, these tools help companies achieve this goal at an affordable price.

Keeping Business Listings Current

Inconsistent and out of date business data is one way many companies are not getting properly noticed on Google and other search engines. Many times, companies may move or change numbers or were listed incorrectly in in the first place.

Having contradictory information in your business listings will cause search engines to not properly be able to assign your business the authority it deserves. These listings are trust indicators to search engines.

If your business information doesn’t match, you can’t be trusted.

A company will change their locations or numbers and the business operator will update only a few key sites, while overlooking the many resource listings and online maps that may still be running the wrong information.

This makes any business not only harder to find, but when found, the potential customer may not even be able to reach the business due to the information not being current.

Be sure also to keep the information on your website itself current and correct as you want to make sure search engines attribute all the business listings that exist to your company. You’ll also want to be sure that all links to your social media properties are working and in order.

N.A.P. (Name, Address & Phone Number)

One of the crucial factors of online business listings is called N.A.P.  N.A.P stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number.  Though this may seem like an obvious step, the presence of your Name, Address, and Phone Number helps prove your business’s viability and trustworthiness.

This is a simple problem that many businesses are not aware of. With so many businesses listing websites, changing your N.A.P. information can be an extremely daunting task. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself with inconsistent and forgotten listings.

Luckily there are many tools business owners can use to ease this burden. The best part is many of these tools are very easy to use.

Using Google Business Listings to Its Full Potential

Whenever you make any change to your business such as your name, address or phone number, one of the first things to do is update your Google business listing. Not only is Google the most used search engine in the world, but Google’s data is also used by many other business listing sites.

Google’s business listing data is also programmatically scraped and used for a number of places across the web. The information from your listing needs to be correct so that when sources pull in our listing data, your Google business profile leaves the largest footprint possible.

Getting your business set up with Google is an excellent, and important first step towards being sure that your potential customers can find you. The problem is that there are so many sites that will feature your business listings that updating them will seem like an incredibly daunting task.

While cumbersome, it’s also necessary, because the last thing you want is your business to fall through the cracks due to an unhealthy listing.

Data Aggregators and the Local Search Eco-System

As you can see here, search engines and online business information sites receive their information from four main data aggregators. Sites like do their part by providing an updated feed of their data to search engines on occasion.

If one of these data aggregators has your business information wrong, you could be at risk of not ranking well in the search engines. Even if your information is correct at an individual site, it may be overwritten by what these aggregators have in their database.

The second tier of lesser known search engines and listing sites get their data from these same sources as well, yet another reason to be sure that your data is correct with the main providers. You don’t want to be invisible because of bad business aggregator data.

How Yext Power Listings Can Help You

Imagine a scenario where you made a change to your business. It may be a change in your Name, Address or Phone number. Now, you have to go and find every website your business information is listed on. You must go to each site and request the change in your listing.

This is a monumental task to any business owner. The worst part is with all the effort and costly man-hours put into this endeavor, many critical areas of your business’s online presence will not be corrected. Trying to conquer business listings has been a headache for, and the downfall of, many business owners.

Luckily, there is a better way to update your business’s online presence. With Yext power listings, you can put your business on the networking map and keep the information around it current.

WithYext Power Listings, any company of any size can instantly update all their listing information for over one hundred online maps, websites, social media sites, and online search engines. Optimizing your online footprint with very little effort and very little impact on your businesses budget couldn’t be easier.

Yext Power Listings is the solution to the problem that many business owners do not know they have. Keeping your business current with an accurate online presence is key to getting any business the traffic it needs. Yext Power Listings takes the complicated tangled web of online listings and makes it into a simple to use cross-platform tool that any business operator can use.


It’s clear that as a business owner, you need to stay on top of your online listings. A great place to start is by finding out exactly where your business stands online. The best way to do this is by getting a free scan of your business listings, which can be done here.

This tool will scan 70+ listings for your business information, and you’ll find out where you are, and where you aren’t, free of charge. Start there, then work to build your listings and skyrocket your online potential.

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