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The internet is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to digital marketing. Alongside the internet, digital marketing has exploded with popularity.

With just about everyone on earth connected to the internet and consuming content, the reach and accessibility of digital advertising has increased exponentially.

Unfortunately, just having a large audience doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a successful campaign. You can plaster ads on every website in existence, but if they don’t target the right people and convert them, you’re just wasting your money.
However, there is a newer innovation in digital marketing that can help you target consumers who are already interested in your products.

By doing so, you eliminate some of the costs associated with marketing to people uninterested in what you’re selling and help increase your conversion rate on your target audience.

This method is called Ad Retargeting, and in this article, we’ll answer some basic questions about this technique, go over what it’s most useful for, and its application.

What is Ad Retargeting?

Ad Retargeting is simple. Studies estimate that anywhere from 99%-95% of web traffic to your website – regardless of the quality of your product or content – will not result in a conversion.

That is, your customer won’t just click on your ad or your website and complete a purchase, or download a PDF or whitepaper – whatever it is your specific conversion metric is.

To solve this problem, you can use Ad Retargeting to place a cookie in the browser of any person who visits your website. This cookie will help track their activity and note the fact that they visited a specific web page or product on your website.

By doing so, your ads can “follow” that user around the internet – displaying on other websites that this user visits, and associating your brand with advertisements on websites that this user already visits, building trust and making this consumer more likely to convert or purchase your product.

The immediate advantage of this is obvious – instead of placing ads randomly, or on unrelated websites, a user who is already interested in your product in some way begins to see ads for this product on other websites that they commonly use.

This means that you can increase your reach to this market segment, and several studies show that users are almost 70% more likely to convert when they’re targeted by a retargeted ad on a website that they already use, compared to a “naked” ad.


1) Less Wasted Money

The ultimate goal of any marketer is to zoom in on specific market segments that are already interested in their products and prove that their product is better than that of any competitor.

In the spirit of this, ad retargeting helps eliminate money wasted on wide-ranging ad campaigns that reach tons of people – but only a small segment of people who are interested in the product or service that you are offering.

The conversion rate for standard ads is only 0.07 percent – ad retargeting offers a 10x better rate, at 0.7 percent, according to Invescpro. This conversion rate means you can focus on specific consumers, and waste less money on wide-ranging ad campaigns.

2) Better Branding Opportunities

Say you’re an outdoor lifestyle company selling tents. How great would it be to have your ads coming up on respected outdoor lifestyle blogs?

These blogs are selling ad space anyway, and by placing your ads on the websites that your users visit (tracked by the cookie placed on their desktop after visiting your site) you can serve up ads perfectly targeted to these demographics, and build your brand up due to its presence on a blog or website that your target consumers already use.

3) Better Customer Relationships

Even after your consumer has converted due to ad retargeting, you can continue to foster a meaningful relationship.  Ad Retargeting will keep your brand and company front-and-center to your customer, even long after they’ve converted.

This increases the chances that they will become a long-term customer who purchases your products not just because they see an ad, but because they have a meaningful connection to the brand and the quality of the products you offer.

4) Dramatically Increased Conversion Rates

As mentioned above, over 95% of web traffic doesn’t result in a conversion, and often users only spend seconds on any given web page.

By tracking your consumers and serving up relevant ads that remind them of their time on your website, you increase the chance that they will end up visiting again, and increase your conversion rates – up to 26% of consumers will click on an ad that is retargeted to their specific interests and placed accordingly.

Beat the Competition

While ad retargeting is a growing field in digital marketing, only approximately 20% of markets have a dedicated budget for ad retargeting. By focusing on ad retargeting and making room in your budget for it, you can put yourself miles ahead of the competition, and have a similar reach and conversion rate at a much lower cost.

46% of SEO marketing specialists believe that ad retargeting is the most underused and beneficial technology in the entire industry.

So don’t let yourself get left behind – investing in ad retargeting is one of the best moves you can make if you’re trying to increase your conversion rate effectively and economically.


As the industry has grown, there are several agencies that have distinguished themselves, offering great ad retargeting tools

– AdRoll is one such service, offering incredibly comprehensive software and analytics, customizable to just about any size client, and it’s the most widely used prospecting and retargeting program.

Retargeter is another ad retargeting service, offering not only ad retargeting, but robust CRM options, search retargeting, contextual targeting, and dynamic creative optimization, and this company is quickly growing into one of the top ad retargeting platforms.

– Perfectaudience provides ad retargeting focusing on newer forms of media such as Facebook and mobile audience support, as well as serving up standard desktop ads. Feature-rich and full of analytics options like powerful segmenting tools, revenue and ROI tracking, easy conversion tracking, and “cookie freshness” which eliminates old cookies of uninterested companies, Perfectaudience is a powerful, modern platform.


TCS Digital Marketing offers comprehensive ad retargeting packages. While it is possible to run an ad retargeting campaign by yourself, the work can mount up quickly – running these sorts of campaigns can be a full-time job, and you’ll have to learn a lot on the fly.

Conversely, if you run your ad retargeting through TCS Digital, you’ll have a team of experts who specialize in ad retargeting, SEO, and digital marketing.

Our staff is brilliant at bringing you maximum ROI for minimum investment, and our experience and expertise mean that we’ll be increasing your conversions and ROI much more quickly than a house run ad retargeting campaign would be capable of.

So if you’re interested in ad retargeting, contact us today to learn more about our services, ad retargeting, and how you can increase your digital marketing ROI with a comprehensive SEO and ad retargeting package.

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