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Below is a list of the Top 20 most important local SEO ranking factoris for the Lake Tahoe Area. This list should be used by any South Lake Tahoe-based business who desires to rank high on the Google Maps / Local list.

  1. Make sure your physical address is within the city limits of South Lake Tahoe. If not, consider establishing a verifyable address there.
  2. Make sure your local Google listing has proper categories associated with it. Do not place the word “Lake Tahoe” into these categories. Only add what you do.
  3. Understand that Proximity of Address to Centroid of city of South Lake Tahoe is very important. the closer you are to the city center, the better.
  4. The domain name of your website has much to do with it. Google wants to know how authoritative it is. In other words, it looks at how old the domain name is, how long you have it registered for, how many quality links point to it, etc.
  5. Make sure your business is listed on many of the other major directories. In the South Lake Tahoe area, some of these directories include, superpages, kudzu, insider pages, bing, yahoo and merchantcircle. Also register with Yelp, eventhough Google and Yelp don’t play well together.
  6. You need a page on your website that corresponds to the information on your local Google page. you are looking for exact matches with names, phone and address to all local listing pages.
  7. Ask your clients to reivew your services, but not just on Google. ask them to review you on the other local directories as well. also, don’t ask for more than 2-3 reviews per month. Too many reivews all at once could mean that Google disallows some of them. They don’t want you gaming the system. (Which is silly, because all local listings and search results on the first page of Google are gaming the system)
  8. Make sure all of your names on all of the listing directories match EXACTLY. also make sure it matches with California.
  9. you need a local area code for your phone. Don’t use 800 or 888 number. You want to have a 530. Event better, you want to have 530, with an South Lake Tahoe exchange.
  10. Make sure that your local business page is completely associated with your local google + page.
  11. Google also looks where else you show up on the web, outside of listings. Thus make sure you are building quality links and contributing content to other websites.
  12. Build quality links to your website that are diverse. Write articles; get active with social bookmarks and build your social presence.
  13. If you can, have your service description in your business title, but make sure its registered that way with California.
  14. If you can, have your business location in the business title, but again make sure its registered with California.
  15. take lots of photos. Submit those photots socially and upload them to Google.
  16. The age of your places pagedoes factor into the listing.
  17. Percentage of Page Place Completeness matters aswell, so make sure its done.
  18. Ask your reviewwers to add product and service keywords into the reviews. It helps with the ranking.
  19. Make videos, simple videos of your services and associate them with your local listing
  20. Be patient. This process takes time. Google, on purpose, takes its time with it, because they only want established busiensses at the top.

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