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Trying to find the right web hosting for your company can be tough. For some reason it’s hard to find reliable website hosting that you know you can trust. Maybe you’ve tried a few different web hosting services in the past and they all left you wanting more, or you could be on your first foray into web hosting.

Whatever your reason we’ve got the best hosting packages for you. We offer unique hosting plans no matter what level of business you’re currently running at. There are five reasons our hosting packages stand out from the rest.

1. We offer Tahoe Local hosting

Not many hosting companies you work with today can boast that. Imagine how it feels having your website hosted in your own backyard. No longer are you taking up server space in some random country you’ve never heard of. In using local hosting you’re also going a long way towards supporting your local Lake Tahoe economy.

2. Quick and reliable customer service

In using our hosting you won’t have to wait on hold for hours until some call agent can finally take your call. We pride ourselves on our speedy customer service. We hate long wait times ourselves so we figured we wouldn’t put you through the same thing. Our goal is to help you work through any hosting issues you may run into as fast as possible.

3. Super fast servers

If you decide to host your website with a large corporate hosting company your site will be one the same server as hundreds, if not thousands of other websites. Since your website won’t be competing for bandwidth from a bunch of random sites our servers are incredibly fast. This means your website will load faster than you ever thought possible. As a side benefit faster load times will also help to increase your website’s search engine rankings.

4. Domain registration

Have you ever missed a renewal period with your old domain registrar? We work with you to prevent this and other hosting mishaps from happening in the first place. Another service we bundle with our hosting is domain registration. You won’t have to worry about keeping separate accounts with a wide range of companies just to keep your website live. We handle every step of the process for you. Our goal is to make this as easy on you as possible.

5. Free site migration

If you already have your site hosted on another server, but want to migrate that site over to our speedy servers, we’ll do that free of charge. A lot of other companies will charge for this service, but we believe in serving the customer first. After experiencing the benefits of using our hosting we think you might just want to stick around for life.

Our diverse hosting plans allow you to rest easy, knowing every aspect of your website it taken care of. Even if something were to go wrong we’re by your side throughout the whole process. For some hosting can be a nightmare. We think the process should be as enjoyable as possible. Do yourself a favor and check out our hosting packages today.

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