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With the latest Google Mobilegeddon update, they’ve made clear the importance of having a mobile website for you to continue to succeed in the online space. However, it’s not just Google that’s hoping on board, mobile users are now illustrating the importance of having a mobile website through their actions.

Consumer preferences are going to continue to change. That’s why it’s important, as a business owner, to consistently stay in the loop. All signs are pointing towards a mobile first future, but this can actually be good for your business — if you take the time now to switch up “business as usual”

In this post we’re going to examine how consumer preferences and browsing choices have shifted in recent years, using the most recent survey data from Bright Local (link to the survey). We’ll also show you how you can best prepare for this shift.

1. Local Mobile Business Searching Is Increasing

One of the key findings in this area suggests that more people are using the mobile web to search than ever before. In just two years there’s been an increase of people who have never used the mobile web before, now using it to find new businesses to visit.

The constant improvement of our mobile technologies is making smartphones cheaper, as well as providing a better overall browsing experience. We predict mobile search is going to continue to rise in the future.

2. Local Business Search Types Are Also Growing

Back in 2013 users were simply using their mobile phones to search for bars and pubs. However, since then the business types users search for has greatly expanded.

The biggest leaps have been in searches for restaurants and cafes, basic shops, and healthcare providers like doctors and dentists. You can bet the scope of mobile users search is going to continue to expand to businesses across ever niche.

3. Users Still Prefer Using Their Mobile Browser

When it comes to searching for local businesses via the mobile browsers, mobile maps, or mobile apps most users still prefer to use their mobile browsers. Using mobile maps comes in a close second.

There has been a mobile app explosion, but for the time being users still prefer using a combination of their mobile browser and mobile maps to find what they’re looking for.

4. Contact Information and Directions Are Most Important

When someone is browsing your site on the mobile web the most important site feature is your physical address, followed by a map and directions to your business. Information like opening hours and phone number are also deemed very important.

Every other website element is deemed to have little importance to mobile searchers. Those who are searching for your business on the mobile web have already made up their mind about a purchase, so you don’t have to spend time convincing them.

Reduce resistance and give them a way to visit you or get in touch as quickly as possible.

5. Having No Contact Information Is A Major Red Flag

The biggest red flag that will stop mobile users from working with you is a lack of contact information. This can also happen when your user can’t locate your contact information. So, make it as easy to find as possible.

This illustrates a push towards simpler and easier to navigate websites. The content on your mobile site is much less important than giving your users a way to get in touch.

6. Trends Show You Must Have A Mobile-Friendly Site

User expectations continue to rise when using mobile search to find businesses. Over one-third of consumers believe a local business website should be designed for mobile, and an even higher percentage of people are impressed when the site is optimized for the mobile screen and looks good.

The biggest change has been in the expectation that local businesses need to have a mobile website. In 2013 54% percent of mobile searchers said having a mobile website wasn’t a big deal, but now that number has dropped to only 17% of searchers.

Now and into the future mobile searchers expect your local business to have a mobile-friendly site.

7. Mobile Optimization Increases Your In-Person Visits

With Google’s latest update that we mentioned in the intro, the sites that have a better chance of ranking are those that are mobile optimized. Without this key feature you site won’t rank as high, it’s as simple as that.

User’s expectations of having a mobile optimized site also continue to grow. Just because you’re a small local business doesn’t mean you can have a low-quality website. You need to update your mobile presence with the times.

If you know your mobile website needs a makeover, then get in touch with our creative team. We love working with mobile businesses around the Lake Tahoe area.

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