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We help our clients increase their Return on Investment with managing their Pay Per Click. With nearly 70% of the population using the internet to search for products and services and make purchases, it’s easy to understand why maximizing your online presence is essential to the success of a business. However, in a lot of industries, fighting to be top of the search rankings is either an expensive process and time-consuming. Often both.
Pay Per Click gets your business right in front of people actually searching for your product or service. This represents the best converting traffic because they are actively looking for you.

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With TCS Pay Per Click Management services we can help you get targeted traffic, in the quantities that best fit your budget, that’s also going to have a positive effect on SEO and be part of an overall marketing strategy. It’s only very easy to measure and scale to maximize ROI. By nature, PPC has many advantages over more traditional marketing channels, including:

  • You only pay when an interested user clicks the link or advert
  • You have complete control over your budget and rate of spend
  • You are able to target specific keywords to optimize buying traffic
  • Regardless of the size of your business or how well established your business is, Pay Per Click shows no favorites, it levels the playing field and gives access to any business that wants to pay to be the top spot.

    You don’t need to game the system, it’s a simple mathematic equation of cost of advertising and cost per sale and once you’ve optimized it you can scale.

    Understanding TCS PPC Management Services

    At TCS Digital Marketing we are experts in delivering complete PPC Campaign services including setup, planning, executing, optimizing and managing even the most complex of marketing campaigns. We are equally at home optimizing existing pay-per-click campaigns. We can support you in a consulting process, for those who like to manage their own PPC, or we can take over the complete management of your PPC working towards pre-agreed KPIs. Here are some of the tasks and processes we can manage for you.

  • Research: keywords selection and testing
  • Advert creation and optimization
  • Landing page design, creation, and optimization.
  • Campaign launch and management
  • Conversion setup, tracking, and data analysis
  • Campaign budget and cost optimization
  • We offer the following PPC Services

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    Google Adwords

    Google’s advertising platform Adwords is comfortably the largest PPC opportunity online today with 70 of searches being done on a Google platform. It allows you to target keyword search terms which are often an extremely effective way to target potential buyers.

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    Social Media Advertising

    With a massive reach of over 1.8 daily visitors, Facebook’s PPC advertising platform is a fantastic opportunity to engage with potential customers.

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    Shopping Ads Management

    For E-commerce, you have the opportunity to have products displayed directly in the search results using PPC shopping ads services which give you the opportunity to have your products displayed in the search results.

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