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Social Media Markers and Reviews

So, you’re attempting to improve your website’s ranking in the search engines?  An important key you may not be factoring in is how active you remain on social media.  A study by Search metrics has revealed that the number of signals you gain from your social media impacts the position of your website in the search engines.  Simply put: more social media markers equal better rankings.

Not to mention, having fresh content keeps your brand in front of the eyes of your customers on a regular basis.  Would you rather have people engage daily or once in a while when you get around to it?  If you take a chance on the latter, how many opportunities are you giving your competitors to fill in the need your customers have?  Stay active! And be mindful of what you post.  Only 20% should be self-promotion.  No one wants to see a ton of spam.  Write thoughtful pieces on the ins and outs of what you do.

There are so many businesses right now who are throwing away sales because they don’t know how to convert a prospect.  Having a system in place that does the converting is potentially the most important spark your business needs.  Not having it can be fatal to your growth.

While the system you can create will differ depending on your company and what you offer, the basics are the same.  The process begins well before you go in search of prospects.  You need a solid, organized foundation before you even attempt to sell.  Everything you do, from messaging to having a follow-up system must be ready to go.

The only way to be fully ready is to know what works…and what doesn’t.  How can you fully launch without having solid information from both ends of the spectrum?  Without testing and listening to your audience, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Reaction to Bad Reviews Impacts Your Reputation

It’s most likely true that most people understand that bad things happen.  The products or services they buy won’t always work to everyone’s satisfaction.  You’re bound to get negative reviews and complaints.  It will happen.  How you react to those negative reviews can make or break your online reputation.

If you go to any Facebook or Twitter page of any business (let’s use Sprint for this example) and you see a negative review, how do they handle it?  Most of the time, the customer service is outstanding.  If you saw a bad review and that company showed it was more than willing to work it out with the dissatisfied consumer, you’ll be more likely to use their product.

There’s something safe about knowing what you buy is guaranteed and the company cares about the opinion and satisfaction of their customers.  You can see the negative results on the other end of the spectrum.  When someone gets a negative review, and he/she deletes it from their page, that person comes back and it turns into a huge mess.

At the end of the day, you need to be prepared for making mistakes. A lot of business owners don’t and when a mistake happens, they can’t handle it.  By fighting with customers, deleting posts, can getting involved in drama will not help you make sales.  It also shows you’re not customer friendly, nor do you care about their needs.

Always be gracious, kind, engaging, and willing to go the extra mile for your customers.  If content is really king, as we all know it to be, then embracing your mistakes will serve you in the long run.  Collect your data, make improvements, and move on.  And as the internet continues to evolve, you’ll need to listen more and always adjust your message.

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