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If your website isn’t converting new visitors into customers or fans, then your website isn’t doing its job. Your website exists to act as a channel for website traffic into new customers.

The challenge remains: how do we get people to buy from our websites time and time again? The key isn’t in the design of your website. The real thing you’re missing, if your website isn’t converting like it should, is emotion.

Your website must speak to the heart and soul of your customer. In this article we’re going to look at how you can do this.

Understanding The Persuasive Power Of Emotion

There are always competitors you’ll be facing, no matter the niche you do business in. In order to rise above the noise of the marketplace you need to start speaking a language that everyone understands and relates to. You need to invoke a emotional response in your readers.

If you aren’t evoking an emotion in your readers, then they probably aren’t listening to you. It’s as simple as that.

Utilize the power of emotion to start to build bonds with your readers, and new visitors. If you can make your visitors feel a certain way they’re going to come back to you time and time again.

Keep Your Visitors Motivated

Once a visitor lands on your website it’s your job to keep them there. It’s easier to keep them there if you actively understand their motivation for coming to your website in the first place. For instance, when women buy vanity items it isn’t to look good, but to feel sexy and confident. Always go for the feeling that’s lurking beneath the surface.

Take the time to find the primary motivation and primary emotion that your visitors are looking for when they land on your website, and speak to this as often as possible.

Always Be Improving

When a visitor lands on your website there’s a good chance they’re trying to solve a problem. You need to be in the business of providing solutions to those problems.

Think about how your company and business can improve upon the lives of your visitors and customers. Just think about how your company makes people’s lives better and make sure that you’re catering to that.

Make People Feel Good

A great way to increase conversions and loyalty is to get people to come back time and time again, and bring their friends. Make sure that you’re encouraging your existing customers to share their experience with their family and friends.

Try to cultivate an emotional connection with your customers, this will help to create an open conversation and give them a reason to connect with you. In the end deliver good feelings to your customers and give them a reason to share.

I hope this article better prepares your website to convert traffic into visitors like it should. Overall, making your website more emotionally engaging doesn’t have to be difficult, just start thinking in terms of emotion and service and you’ll see your conversion rates start to improve.

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