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If your website isn’t converting new visitors to customers then it isn’t doing its job. A lot of people think your website is simply a virtual business carb, but this isn’t farther from the truth. Your website should actually be seen as a living and breathing extension of your business. In essence if your website doesn’t feel like it’s working for you in some way or another, then you have some serious room for improvement.

Your website needs to inspire action. In this post I’m going to highlight how you can use an understanding of customer psychology to actually improve your website.

Passing The Five-Second Test

If a person lands on your website and can’t figure out what your website is about in five seconds or less, then there’s a very high probability they’re going to leave your website and go onto your competitor.

People are already overwhelmed with choices and if you’re making it any more difficult on your readers than it needs to be, then they won’t stick around.

See if you can state your value proposition, aka what makes your business unique, in the simplest language possible. When it doubt it’s time to tighten your brand.

Dealing With Visitor Overwhelm

Websites that are too complicated tend to leave a visitor with a sour taste in their mouth. When people are searching the web they’re usually looking for solutions to their problems.

If you add to their problems by overwhelming them with a giant wall of text, or unclear steps to take next they probably won’t stick around.

The most effective way to ensure your visitors have a good experience the moment they land on your website is to make it as simple as possible.

Make sure you’re clear about what you want visitors to do the moment they land on your website.

Do You Target Effectively?

If your website isn’t aimed at one specific person, then you’re casting your net too wide. Of course, you want more than one customer, but by positioning your website towards your ideal customer you’ll begin to attract a whole lot of other people that share similar traits.

For instance, if you walk into a supermarket with a headache, are you going to choose the medication that says ‘Generic Pain Relief’, on the bottle? Or, will you choose the bottle that says ‘Headache Relief’?

My guess is that you’d choose the latter. It’s easier to build a business in a small niche and expand from there than it is to attempt to become the next Amazon or Wal-Mart. It’s very difficult to do everything for all people. It’s much easier to do one thing really good for some people.

Are You Boring People With Corporate-Speak?

A lot of websites and businesses are afraid to show their personality. But, people forget that we love doing business with people instead of machines.

If you can showcase how you’ve learned from mistakes in the past, or highlight some insider knowledge about your business you’ll go a long way towards building trust with your new visitors.

Overall, if your website isn’t pulling its own weight, then it’s time for an upgrade. The steps above will help with getting your website realigned and ready to help make your visitors customers for life.

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